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How To Remove Date From WordPress Post

If you are a newbie, I would suggest that you will not get your hands dirty on this one because it can cause a real mess on your site. 

I want to make it clear though that some WordPress themes already have an embedded feature in removing post dates, still most themes doesn’t have that. With that, you will have to hack your theme’s files and remove some code. I won’t be teaching you that for now, instead, I would advice you to use WP Post Date Remover plugin

All you have to do is to install and activate, and that’s it. 

Removing the dates from your post is very helpful if you want to maintain the “timelessness” essence of your posts. Some bloggers however don’t mind having a date simply because their blog is a sort of “diary” to for them. 

So again, if you want to remove it just install WP Post Date Remover plugin and then activate. 

How To Make Your Video Viral

Video has become a powerful marketing tool of choice in the online marketing industry. Almost every landing pages, or opt-pages that are being created everyday contain a video that talks about the featured product. These days almost every webpage promoting or selling a product features a video.

Make your Video Viral Here

They have become a very popular medium for presenting information on the World Wide Web. However, many find it difficult to drive traffic to their videos. There are plenty of different techniques to drive trafic to a webpage, but only a few effective ones for videos…

But what if I tell you that there is another tool that will allow you to turn your videos viral and drive more traffic to them in no time! This web-based tool allows you to add a message to your videos that viewers will have to tweet to be able to watch the rest of them. You even get to choose exactly when the message shows up! This is a win-win situation: viewers get to watch the rest of the video and your video receives more traffic from the viral effect.

With this powerful tool, you can viralize a video in under a minute. All you have to do is to paste the video URL, add the message you want to be tweeted and copy the code to add the video to your site or blog! ViralVideo also comes with an advertising program so you can show your ads on people’s video pages, as well as an affiliate program with 60% commissions! You also get access to video statistics so you can see how well your videos perform.

ViralVideo is a must-have tool for everyone using videos as marketing materials… which is pretty much everyone in the online marketing industry. Imagine your videos turning viral and being viewed by hundreds or even thousands more people by performing a task that takes no more than a minute! What are you waiting for? Join now and viralize your videos today! For more viral traffic and views…

Premise – Copyblogger Tool In Making A Landing Page

Premise of Copyblogger is a sort of landing page plugin that will not only teach you how to make a landing page, but will also help you how to make a professional landing page. It covers 7 types of landing pages:

  • Sales Page – Of course we all know that you need a sales page. And not only that you need to have a good copy but, it should also be optimized so that search engines can find it.
  • Email Opt-In Page – If you are building a list or preselling, this kind of opt-in page is what you need to do.
  • Video Landing Page – Video have been a very effective way to promote a product and get subscriptions for your newsletters and updates.
  • Thank You Landing Page – There is nothing more satisfying for your customer than to have a feeling of not getting left behind by giving them extra love after their purchase.
  • Content (SEO) Landing Page – This is very effective if you are making a series of seminar, or tutorials. I have seen Copyblogger was able to use this feature pretty well.
  • Pricing Landing Page – Make your clients acquainted with your price. Deliver them the best possible price for your product.
  • Tabbed Scroller Page. – With all its features, for me, this is the coolest. See a demo here for this feature.

Another cool feature of Premise is its graphics library that you can use in your landing pages which makes it more outstanding than the rest.

So what exactly is Premise? It is a collection of software and education put together which will help you make outstanding landing pages that adheres to the three vital elements of a good landing pages:

Pages – These pages are not your normal WordPress pages and posts. They are intended mainly to achieve one sole purpose. It can be for list building, converting a visit to purchase, or anything that will make your visitor do something and interact on it.

Copy – This is what will make your visitor react on it. This is a set of words that you use in your landing pages where your visitors respond what you want him to do.

Optimization – You might not need this as a reader, but for sure search engines do. This will also greatly affect the number of your visitors.

Making landing pages may be very tedious and painful. But with Premise, most of your hard work in creating landing pages is over. And knowing that this product was produced by Copyblogger, then this must be something worth its value.

Know more about Premise Here.

Traffic Travis 4 Download – What’s New?

Traffic Travis the free SEO software now released the Traffic Travis 4. Of course you will probably go for the FREE version. But wait, kindly take a look below to see the big difference between the FREE and the professional version:

So what’s the difference? And how does it affect you?

The Free version is fully workable software. It’ll do most of what the professional version will do with a few differences:

  • Limited number of projects
  • Data caps on some api calls
  • White label branding of reports
  • Limited number of results returned in some sections

However with the release of v4.0 the professional version is much much more powerful. Here’s a quick run-down on the improvements..

  • More accurate keyword research results, plus more detailed data.
  • Ability to search for domain name availability for multiple keywords simultaneously.
  • More detailed analysis of SEO competition. Easily see how hard it will be to rank for any keyword.
  • Ability to compare backlinks among multiple websites at once.
  • At the click of a button, find sites where you can get quality links from.
  • New Adsense analysis tool. Lets you find overlooked traffic opportunities.
  • Updated Adwords analysis tools.
  • Brand new interface that is more user friendly and puts everything within easy reach.
Now that you know the difference between the professional and the free version. It’s up to you now to decide what will you get.

Here’s what other people say about this SEO software:

Jackson Lin –

“When I first started internet marketing, I got my hands on a copy of Traffic Travis. Honestly, at the start I just got it because it was a free tool… I really wasn’t expecting much from it.

But I was pleasantly surprised!

I’m glad I did, because it’s one of the most comprehensive keyword research tools around and the best thing is, the trial version is FREE! I now make a full time living and I still use Traffic Travis to this day to help me assess the competitiveness of keywords to rank for. So I highly recommend that you get yourself a copy of it today!”

Andrew Kieser –

“I had zero experience online when I first registered a domain back in April 2010. Unsure of where to start, I did nothing until August of that year when I discovered Mark Ling.

Over the past 6 months, the learning curve has been steep, but the results are finally materializing. This February, my site reached over 10,000 unique visitors, and is oftentimes close to 1,000 visitors daily.

These results may not be flashy, but for a family man with no internet experience, the future seems bright. I am on my way to producing a substantial passive income, which will help support my family in these difficult economic times.

Having time to spend with family and travel are the most important things in my life, and Traffic Travis is helping provide that freedom.

I sincerely recommend Traffic Travis for individuals serious about building an online business. Traffic Travis is a necessary tool which forms the foundation for any successful internet business.”

Commission Commando – What Is It?

Commission Commando is a powerful membership site that helps you set up your website in no time. Comparing it to Google Sniper 2.0, Commission Commando is not just a set of tutorials but it has a platform that helps you get your domain, hosting, and launching the site. This means that it is not just about tutorials, but it is something that will get you started your own “commission generating” websites.Commission Commando

Commission Commando will do better if you have Google Sniper 2.0 because it will teach you not just the basics, but the underlying principles of making a huge amount cash over the net. It is just a powerful tutorial that even the bum marketers would really love.

It applies the Google Sniper principles PLUS, it has an auto website installer where you can actually launch an optimize website in “2 MINUTES”. In 2 MINUTES guys… no kidding!!!


And please note, we are not talking about a simple WordPress website here. We are talking about an “HIGHLY OPTIMIZED” and readily “MONETIZED” website. All you have to do is to fill in the necessary information.

There are still lots of things inside this powerful membership site. So I guess you better check it out yourself and find more things in it.