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An Article Submitter is a semi-automated tool that quickly submits your articles to hundreds of free article directories. Using this tool your article submission time is reduced to minimum by smart features of the tool. No more hand editing to meet different guidelines. Always have an up to date list of article directories. Let’s you focus on writing content, not submitting it. With Article Submitter you can easily submit your content to over 500 article directories with the click of a button.
Submit a different unique article to hundreds of sites

The important features should be available in article submitter tools / softwares are as follow:

1. Sign up or registration process. It would be great if we can sign up and confirm to hundreds of article directories with only few clicks. Can you imagine how long will you need to complete registration process for hundreds of directories if you confirm it manually one by one?

2. Submission process. It is not recommended to submit article that its content has been published in the Internet. If the content is similar with other articles, it means duplicate content, your article certainly will not be approved. Obviously you will not get either visitors or backlinks. Would you want to write 200 hundreds different articles for 200 article directories? I’m sure you won’t. How about if there is a spinning tool that spin the article before submitting it into directories? It’s cool, isn’t?

3. Livelink report. Livelink report is a report of link that contains your article. Typically each article directory does not approve or reject as soon as you submit article. They need some times to review it first. Therefore you should check it out frequently because some sites will not give you approval notification. It would be great if there is a tool that can check all submitted sites just in one click, isn’t it?

Other features that an Article Submitter must have:

1.Up to 50 concurrent connections that reduce your submission time to minimum.
2.Support of importing articles from text file.
3.Automatic rotation of unlimited number of titles, summaries, bodies, resources and keywords set.
4.Support of tokens randomization feature for generating multipe unique articles from one master article.
5.Automatic record of submission status, submission date, error message and selected category.
6.Long list of free general article directories with Google Pagerank, updated regularly.
7.Colorful directory list that clearly shows the submission status of each article.
8.Support of online mode, so your directory list is always ‘fresh’.
9.Detailed submission report in RTF and HTML.
10.Support of multiple articles in single account.
11.Support of multiple user profiles in single account.
12.Flexible service packages.
13.Automated article submission with smart, self-learning category selection algorithm guaranties that your articles are submitted to most appropriate category.
14.Automated article listing check.

Grab now the opportunity to submit AUTOMATICALLY!!!

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