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There are several ways to get incoming links to your website. Building links is very crucial to any marketing efforts. It is one of the most important things that you need to do if you want your site to gain success.

However, building backlinks is not easy and often times, it is the most expensive part of online marketing. This is why can see lots of SEO services being offered online. But please note that not all link building efforts should be a paid one. There are also ways where you can gain it for free. Free Backlinks

I have here several tips on how you can get FREE Backlinks.

Blogs – Some consider this as “Top-of-the-line” approach of creating links. Often times, internet marketers just leave a comment on blogs. They do this by inserting the URL of the site by posting comments on blogs and shortly after approval, you already gained a backlink. But please do note that many bloggers and plugins nowadays have found a way to block this kind of system. This is some sort of spamming. So make sure that once you leave a comment to other people’s blog, it is relevant and adds value to the post. Else, you will only get yourself banned on their website.

A smarter way to gain this though is creating blogs on different sites. You have, Yolasite,,, etc. There are tons of sites that offers a free blog. Word of caution though, everybody hates spamming. So make sure that your blogs from free sites are not spams as well. Else, they will also ban you.

Forums – Creating an account in forums can also be an effective way of building backlinks. Nonetheless, don’t publish your URL precisely into the conversation forums or the spam busters would have you banned and off from the forum. The easiest way is thru your signature. Add  the URL of your site within your signature after which it when publishing a comment at the forum you will be leaving a link to your site along with your article.

Don’t treat this as a cheap way in gaining links. Involving yourself deeper in relevant forums can give you not only traffic but also prospective clients.

Social Networks – With the evolution of Web 2.0, social networks like MySpace, Friendster, Tag World, etc. … are the new spots on the Internet at present. Millions of people visit these sites daily to generate friends or to advertise their products or services. You may also register on web sites and post links to your site along with the comments you made inside your contact profile. By doing this one can form a large number of backlinks in your site.

Social Bookmarks – Social bookmarking can be another way where by you are able to establish a technique to link to your site. When you use bookmarking sites like Delicious, there will be times that your site is appealing enough for other consumers and they too will add your website  in their favorite list. And shortly you can meet numerous one-way links to your site.

Articles -You could create articles on a mixture of topics and publish them on article sites, and include the URL of your site inside the resource box or the biographical part of the author. There’s a lot of directories posting articles from various authors, together with information that has biographical facts regarding the author. Such type of info may contain a link for a site. If your article is enlightening and exciting, soon it will probably be published on various other websites and newsletters. In this way you can have a multitude of backlinks pointing for a site.

Link Exchange – Even though it is quite an old procedure for setting up traffic and backlinks, link exchange still works. Link exchange with worth and relevant sites and you’ll get higher ranking and much more traffic.

Once you learn it, it’s very simple as 1, 2, 3…

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