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Premise – Copyblogger Tool In Making A Landing Page

Premise of Copyblogger is a sort of landing page plugin that will not only teach you how to make a landing page, but will also help you how to make a professional landing page. It covers 7 types of landing pages:

  • Sales Page – Of course we all know that you need a sales page. And not only that you need to have a good copy but, it should also be optimized so that search engines can find it.
  • Email Opt-In Page – If you are building a list or preselling, this kind of opt-in page is what you need to do.
  • Video Landing Page – Video have been a very effective way to promote a product and get subscriptions for your newsletters and updates.
  • Thank You Landing Page – There is nothing more satisfying for your customer than to have a feeling of not getting left behind by giving them extra love after their purchase.
  • Content (SEO) Landing Page – This is very effective if you are making a series of seminar, or tutorials. I have seen Copyblogger was able to use this feature pretty well.
  • Pricing Landing Page – Make your clients acquainted with your price. Deliver them the best possible price for your product.
  • Tabbed Scroller Page. – With all its features, for me, this is the coolest. See a demo here for this feature.

Another cool feature of Premise is its graphics library that you can use in your landing pages which makes it more outstanding than the rest.

So what exactly is Premise? It is a collection of software and education put together which will help you make outstanding landing pages that adheres to the three vital elements of a good landing pages:

Pages – These pages are not your normal WordPress pages and posts. They are intended mainly to achieve one sole purpose. It can be for list building, converting a visit to purchase, or anything that will make your visitor do something and interact on it.

Copy – This is what will make your visitor react on it. This is a set of words that you use in your landing pages where your visitors respond what you want him to do.

Optimization – You might not need this as a reader, but for sure search engines do. This will also greatly affect the number of your visitors.

Making landing pages may be very tedious and painful. But with Premise, most of your hard work in creating landing pages is over. And knowing that this product was produced by Copyblogger, then this must be something worth its value.

Know more about Premise Here.

Relationship Between Unique Content And Making Money With Your Online Business – How To Get The Max?

Content must be unique. It can be long letters, e-mails, web pages, sales pages, articles, as a whole something that was written with the target group in mind, but it must be unique and interesting. For this reason, there is a constant demand for creative writers, who can write about any subject.

This contains a unique high demand, also because the search engines are looking for information, written by millions of individuals. Every time you let spider crawl your web site to monitor it, it’s definitely going to check whether the content is found elsewhere. If it is a duplicate of some other content, make sure that your site has a better ranking than the rest because the site with better Google ranking will still get the count and not you.

Exclusive content is not required to always be very intellectual, however it is essential to be fun, interesting and clean. These are some of the basic and the absolutely needed requirements for any content to be effective. There are many websites with unique content, and for the most part, it is the most definitive factor for a website to be successful on the internet.

Whether the content of the websites and the articles on it are written for marketing purposes or just to drive traffic, one thing is absolutely guaranteed, and it’s that content should be written in short and clear format. Without proper content, neither the article directories, nor the motor system will classify your content as valuable.

You may also try to use different contents, generated by a software (software that replaces human writing), or by an independent expert and SEO professional. Content should be interesting to the visitors, but this will happen only if you write on topics that you are interested in and have knowledge of.

Content = unique and fresh website traffic = money

Let’s face it – once you are in the world of Internet Marketing, there is always a time in which you will pass through terrible periods, lacking article ideas and therefore losing visitors, who may come to your website and earn you money, either by clicking on AdSense ads, participating in affiliate programs or whatever else you offer as products and services on your website!

Short Manually Written Unique Content vs. Auto-Generated Unique Long Content

Internet marketers sometimes are in the thin-line of procrastinating the content. There are times that content are really hard to find, and they are slowly coming. But it is actually the most important part of any internet marketing campaign. Nothing beats good quality content.

Good quality content is always readable and does make sense. They are being loved by real humans so as with the search engines. If real humans love the content of your website, there is no reason why should the search engines will hate you.

The dilemma is, when internet marketers spin their articles, they tend to forget that they still need to use edit it to become readable and more human-friendly. Always remember that it is not just about link building. It is also about delivering high-quality content so that even if people will find the information you want to convey, they will become more interested in visiting your real site.

So what’s my personal recommendation? If you are going to spin your articles, it is always best to at least give a time to recheck and re-edit them so that people will love you even more and not just the search engines.
Rule of thumb: Write for people, not for search engines!

Why Unique Article Wizard?

Unique Article Wizard’s incomparable article marketing is a good way to advance your online concern. Article marketing is the most cost utile and mighty way to increment any marketer’s web proximity. With all the contention on the web, it is hard to get your business detected. Unique Article Wizard can get your commercialism on the first page of Google and make you an expert in your niche. This one tactic alone can ram you to the number one ranking in Google in the most aggressive and competitive of markets.

To make a long story short, Unique Article Wizard is powerful Article Submitter tool that will surely get you some ranking. This is not a joke. I have used this in many of my campaigns and I did got some outstanding results.

Why get Unique Article Wizard?

Submit a different unique article to hundreds of sitesThe only reason to use a service that helps your articles to get out there is so that you can get links for your site. Unique Article Wizard will give you a lot more links than each of the competing services many people tried and as far as they know. Since it gets your articles into quite a few blogs (mostly WordPress and Blogger blogs) you can get a lot more direct traffic than you would get from Article Marketer, iSnare, or Article Marketing Automation. It still isn’t a huge amount, but it’s more than you would think.

If you’re going to get the most benefit out of Unique Article Wizard, you want to find keywords that are medium and long tail. I would try to find keywords that are three, four, or five word phrases. Make sure to integrate the keywords into your site and then you can use Unique Article Wizard to write and distribute about the same topics. Links from related pages help more than links from unrelated pages and this will help your links to have more value.

You can be expecting to get at least 100 indexed links from a Unique Article Wizard submission. There are few articles out there now that have been indexed with over 400 results in Google. This is because with Unique Article Wizard each site gets a slightly unique version. One of the Unique Article Wizard reviews an author wrote that buying the service also said that he was getting over 100 indexed pages that contained links to his site from each of his submissions.

Using Unique Article Wizard

Using this service is quite a bit like most other article distribution service with a few useful changes. With UAW, you create unique versions for each article directory. Unique Article Wizard won’t tell you how this is done but many people can tell you that what you have to do is easy and it takes an extra 20 to make this happen. This seems to help a ton with the indexing in Google. With Article Marketer you could usually only get indexed on like 20 pages as of late but with Unique Article Wizard you almost always get a few hundred.

Another big change that’s awesome with Unique Article Wizard is that you can submit as many resource boxes as you want. That means you can use a lot of variety in your links and that’s a huge benefit. You can also put links within the articles if you want to.

What Kind of Business Works With Unique Article Wizard?

It doesn’t think whether you’re promoting affiliate programs, marketing products, or displaying Adsense ads on your websites. It works for any kind of business.

What Will Unique Article Wizard Do For My Business?

Article message can transmute your online business or MLM in a way you have only dreamed of. Every article you make becomes unique and is submitted to hundreds of top article directories and ezine publishers. You will be thrilled at how easy it is and the results your website will get finding and attracting valueable visitors to your site. Effort in getting your online business to the top of google is pointed and unproblematic.

Is Unique Article Wizard Expensive?

Unique Article Wizard is rattling cheap. You do not need expensive search engine optimization gurus that file $1,500 or writer per month. You do not need serious blackhat tactics same automated blog and tag submissions that are real possible to get you illegal. You do not demand to buy book links at an moderate $20 per channel. This gets very pricey! Two hundred links is what you would get from one really good article and it would cost you $4,000. See the tremendous land of article submissions? Just one article a week. It is that simple! Get started now and hit your website up the activity engine rankings.

Grab now the opportunity to submit AUTOMATICALLY!!!

3 Elements That We Want From Article Submitter Tool

An Article Submitter is a semi-automated tool that quickly submits your articles to hundreds of free article directories. Using this tool your article submission time is reduced to minimum by smart features of the tool. No more hand editing to meet different guidelines. Always have an up to date list of article directories. Let’s you focus on writing content, not submitting it. With Article Submitter you can easily submit your content to over 500 article directories with the click of a button.
Submit a different unique article to hundreds of sites

The important features should be available in article submitter tools / softwares are as follow:

1. Sign up or registration process. It would be great if we can sign up and confirm to hundreds of article directories with only few clicks. Can you imagine how long will you need to complete registration process for hundreds of directories if you confirm it manually one by one?

2. Submission process. It is not recommended to submit article that its content has been published in the Internet. If the content is similar with other articles, it means duplicate content, your article certainly will not be approved. Obviously you will not get either visitors or backlinks. Would you want to write 200 hundreds different articles for 200 article directories? I’m sure you won’t. How about if there is a spinning tool that spin the article before submitting it into directories? It’s cool, isn’t?

3. Livelink report. Livelink report is a report of link that contains your article. Typically each article directory does not approve or reject as soon as you submit article. They need some times to review it first. Therefore you should check it out frequently because some sites will not give you approval notification. It would be great if there is a tool that can check all submitted sites just in one click, isn’t it?

Other features that an Article Submitter must have:

1.Up to 50 concurrent connections that reduce your submission time to minimum.
2.Support of importing articles from text file.
3.Automatic rotation of unlimited number of titles, summaries, bodies, resources and keywords set.
4.Support of tokens randomization feature for generating multipe unique articles from one master article.
5.Automatic record of submission status, submission date, error message and selected category.
6.Long list of free general article directories with Google Pagerank, updated regularly.
7.Colorful directory list that clearly shows the submission status of each article.
8.Support of online mode, so your directory list is always ‘fresh’.
9.Detailed submission report in RTF and HTML.
10.Support of multiple articles in single account.
11.Support of multiple user profiles in single account.
12.Flexible service packages.
13.Automated article submission with smart, self-learning category selection algorithm guaranties that your articles are submitted to most appropriate category.
14.Automated article listing check.

Grab now the opportunity to submit AUTOMATICALLY!!!