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How To Make Your Video Viral

Video has become a powerful marketing tool of choice in the online marketing industry. Almost every landing pages, or opt-pages that are being created everyday contain a video that talks about the featured product. These days almost every webpage promoting or selling a product features a video.

Make your Video Viral Here

They have become a very popular medium for presenting information on the World Wide Web. However, many find it difficult to drive traffic to their videos. There are plenty of different techniques to drive trafic to a webpage, but only a few effective ones for videos…

But what if I tell you that there is another tool that will allow you to turn your videos viral and drive more traffic to them in no time! This web-based tool allows you to add a message to your videos that viewers will have to tweet to be able to watch the rest of them. You even get to choose exactly when the message shows up! This is a win-win situation: viewers get to watch the rest of the video and your video receives more traffic from the viral effect.

With this powerful tool, you can viralize a video in under a minute. All you have to do is to paste the video URL, add the message you want to be tweeted and copy the code to add the video to your site or blog! ViralVideo also comes with an advertising program so you can show your ads on people’s video pages, as well as an affiliate program with 60% commissions! You also get access to video statistics so you can see how well your videos perform.

ViralVideo is a must-have tool for everyone using videos as marketing materials… which is pretty much everyone in the online marketing industry. Imagine your videos turning viral and being viewed by hundreds or even thousands more people by performing a task that takes no more than a minute! What are you waiting for? Join now and viralize your videos today! For more viral traffic and views…

Traffic Travis 4 Download – What’s New?

Traffic Travis the free SEO software now released the Traffic Travis 4. Of course you will probably go for the FREE version. But wait, kindly take a look below to see the big difference between the FREE and the professional version:

So what’s the difference? And how does it affect you?

The Free version is fully workable software. It’ll do most of what the professional version will do with a few differences:

  • Limited number of projects
  • Data caps on some api calls
  • White label branding of reports
  • Limited number of results returned in some sections

However with the release of v4.0 the professional version is much much more powerful. Here’s a quick run-down on the improvements..

  • More accurate keyword research results, plus more detailed data.
  • Ability to search for domain name availability for multiple keywords simultaneously.
  • More detailed analysis of SEO competition. Easily see how hard it will be to rank for any keyword.
  • Ability to compare backlinks among multiple websites at once.
  • At the click of a button, find sites where you can get quality links from.
  • New Adsense analysis tool. Lets you find overlooked traffic opportunities.
  • Updated Adwords analysis tools.
  • Brand new interface that is more user friendly and puts everything within easy reach.
Now that you know the difference between the professional and the free version. It’s up to you now to decide what will you get.

Here’s what other people say about this SEO software:

Jackson Lin –

“When I first started internet marketing, I got my hands on a copy of Traffic Travis. Honestly, at the start I just got it because it was a free tool… I really wasn’t expecting much from it.

But I was pleasantly surprised!

I’m glad I did, because it’s one of the most comprehensive keyword research tools around and the best thing is, the trial version is FREE! I now make a full time living and I still use Traffic Travis to this day to help me assess the competitiveness of keywords to rank for. So I highly recommend that you get yourself a copy of it today!”

Andrew Kieser –

“I had zero experience online when I first registered a domain back in April 2010. Unsure of where to start, I did nothing until August of that year when I discovered Mark Ling.

Over the past 6 months, the learning curve has been steep, but the results are finally materializing. This February, my site reached over 10,000 unique visitors, and is oftentimes close to 1,000 visitors daily.

These results may not be flashy, but for a family man with no internet experience, the future seems bright. I am on my way to producing a substantial passive income, which will help support my family in these difficult economic times.

Having time to spend with family and travel are the most important things in my life, and Traffic Travis is helping provide that freedom.

I sincerely recommend Traffic Travis for individuals serious about building an online business. Traffic Travis is a necessary tool which forms the foundation for any successful internet business.”

Get Free Backlinks Now

There are several ways to get incoming links to your website. Building links is very crucial to any marketing efforts. It is one of the most important things that you need to do if you want your site to gain success.

However, building backlinks is not easy and often times, it is the most expensive part of online marketing. This is why can see lots of SEO services being offered online. But please note that not all link building efforts should be a paid one. There are also ways where you can gain it for free. Free Backlinks

I have here several tips on how you can get FREE Backlinks.

Blogs – Some consider this as “Top-of-the-line” approach of creating links. Often times, internet marketers just leave a comment on blogs. They do this by inserting the URL of the site by posting comments on blogs and shortly after approval, you already gained a backlink. But please do note that many bloggers and plugins nowadays have found a way to block this kind of system. This is some sort of spamming. So make sure that once you leave a comment to other people’s blog, it is relevant and adds value to the post. Else, you will only get yourself banned on their website.

A smarter way to gain this though is creating blogs on different sites. You have, Yolasite,,, etc. There are tons of sites that offers a free blog. Word of caution though, everybody hates spamming. So make sure that your blogs from free sites are not spams as well. Else, they will also ban you.

Forums – Creating an account in forums can also be an effective way of building backlinks. Nonetheless, don’t publish your URL precisely into the conversation forums or the spam busters would have you banned and off from the forum. The easiest way is thru your signature. Add  the URL of your site within your signature after which it when publishing a comment at the forum you will be leaving a link to your site along with your article.

Don’t treat this as a cheap way in gaining links. Involving yourself deeper in relevant forums can give you not only traffic but also prospective clients.

Social Networks – With the evolution of Web 2.0, social networks like MySpace, Friendster, Tag World, etc. … are the new spots on the Internet at present. Millions of people visit these sites daily to generate friends or to advertise their products or services. You may also register on web sites and post links to your site along with the comments you made inside your contact profile. By doing this one can form a large number of backlinks in your site.

Social Bookmarks – Social bookmarking can be another way where by you are able to establish a technique to link to your site. When you use bookmarking sites like Delicious, there will be times that your site is appealing enough for other consumers and they too will add your website  in their favorite list. And shortly you can meet numerous one-way links to your site.

Articles -You could create articles on a mixture of topics and publish them on article sites, and include the URL of your site inside the resource box or the biographical part of the author. There’s a lot of directories posting articles from various authors, together with information that has biographical facts regarding the author. Such type of info may contain a link for a site. If your article is enlightening and exciting, soon it will probably be published on various other websites and newsletters. In this way you can have a multitude of backlinks pointing for a site.

Link Exchange – Even though it is quite an old procedure for setting up traffic and backlinks, link exchange still works. Link exchange with worth and relevant sites and you’ll get higher ranking and much more traffic.

Once you learn it, it’s very simple as 1, 2, 3…

Start Skyrocketing Your Traffic Here

Traffic Grab Review – Skyrocketing Your Traffic For Your Website

I have been in search engine optimization for quite sometime and building traffic is definitely not easy. It takes some time, research and strategy. I have built a good amount of traffic in my websites as well as for my client’s websites.Traffic Grab

You can tell whether a product for optimizing a site is a crap or not. But this Traffic Grab is different. This is not a software, rather, it is a collection of videos made by James Schramko. It is a complete tutorial in building a massive traffic that can crash your servers.

It covers a lot of area in gaining traffic. Many of them are extremely useful and I bet, you haven’t implemented some of them. So let me give you a little overview of this wonderful stuff that I myself use as a guide.

1. They have the so called Traffic Cheat Sheet. It is basically a strategic traffic implementation checklist that you can use as a guide in your own personal campaigns.

2. Traffic Grab teaches you how to make a full use of your RSS.

3. It will teach you how to take advantage of the paid traffic such as teh PPC, Adwords, etc.

4. You will discover that a simple linking system can be very powerful that can drive tons of traffic into your site.

5. Discover how exactly  you are going to make the full use of Article Submission.

Traffic Grab is the most useful video collection about traffic making that I ever used. It is simply the most detailed video tutorials that can drive a good amount of targetted traffic that you always desire for your website and your business.

So basically it covers:

  • Keyword Research
  • Quality Content
  • Website Development
  • Leverage
  • Conversions

Literally it means that if you get this one, you are getting the almost a complete business tutorial for your website. So get Traffic Grab  now!!!

Why Unique Article Wizard?

Unique Article Wizard’s incomparable article marketing is a good way to advance your online concern. Article marketing is the most cost utile and mighty way to increment any marketer’s web proximity. With all the contention on the web, it is hard to get your business detected. Unique Article Wizard can get your commercialism on the first page of Google and make you an expert in your niche. This one tactic alone can ram you to the number one ranking in Google in the most aggressive and competitive of markets.

To make a long story short, Unique Article Wizard is powerful Article Submitter tool that will surely get you some ranking. This is not a joke. I have used this in many of my campaigns and I did got some outstanding results.

Why get Unique Article Wizard?

Submit a different unique article to hundreds of sitesThe only reason to use a service that helps your articles to get out there is so that you can get links for your site. Unique Article Wizard will give you a lot more links than each of the competing services many people tried and as far as they know. Since it gets your articles into quite a few blogs (mostly WordPress and Blogger blogs) you can get a lot more direct traffic than you would get from Article Marketer, iSnare, or Article Marketing Automation. It still isn’t a huge amount, but it’s more than you would think.

If you’re going to get the most benefit out of Unique Article Wizard, you want to find keywords that are medium and long tail. I would try to find keywords that are three, four, or five word phrases. Make sure to integrate the keywords into your site and then you can use Unique Article Wizard to write and distribute about the same topics. Links from related pages help more than links from unrelated pages and this will help your links to have more value.

You can be expecting to get at least 100 indexed links from a Unique Article Wizard submission. There are few articles out there now that have been indexed with over 400 results in Google. This is because with Unique Article Wizard each site gets a slightly unique version. One of the Unique Article Wizard reviews an author wrote that buying the service also said that he was getting over 100 indexed pages that contained links to his site from each of his submissions.

Using Unique Article Wizard

Using this service is quite a bit like most other article distribution service with a few useful changes. With UAW, you create unique versions for each article directory. Unique Article Wizard won’t tell you how this is done but many people can tell you that what you have to do is easy and it takes an extra 20 to make this happen. This seems to help a ton with the indexing in Google. With Article Marketer you could usually only get indexed on like 20 pages as of late but with Unique Article Wizard you almost always get a few hundred.

Another big change that’s awesome with Unique Article Wizard is that you can submit as many resource boxes as you want. That means you can use a lot of variety in your links and that’s a huge benefit. You can also put links within the articles if you want to.

What Kind of Business Works With Unique Article Wizard?

It doesn’t think whether you’re promoting affiliate programs, marketing products, or displaying Adsense ads on your websites. It works for any kind of business.

What Will Unique Article Wizard Do For My Business?

Article message can transmute your online business or MLM in a way you have only dreamed of. Every article you make becomes unique and is submitted to hundreds of top article directories and ezine publishers. You will be thrilled at how easy it is and the results your website will get finding and attracting valueable visitors to your site. Effort in getting your online business to the top of google is pointed and unproblematic.

Is Unique Article Wizard Expensive?

Unique Article Wizard is rattling cheap. You do not need expensive search engine optimization gurus that file $1,500 or writer per month. You do not need serious blackhat tactics same automated blog and tag submissions that are real possible to get you illegal. You do not demand to buy book links at an moderate $20 per channel. This gets very pricey! Two hundred links is what you would get from one really good article and it would cost you $4,000. See the tremendous land of article submissions? Just one article a week. It is that simple! Get started now and hit your website up the activity engine rankings.

Grab now the opportunity to submit AUTOMATICALLY!!!