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Commission Commando is a powerful membership site that helps you set up your website in no time. Comparing it to Google Sniper 2.0, Commission Commando is not just a set of tutorials but it has a platform that helps you get your domain, hosting, and launching the site. This means that it is not just about tutorials, but it is something that will get you started your own “commission generating” websites.Commission Commando

Commission Commando will do better if you have Google Sniper 2.0 because it will teach you not just the basics, but the underlying principles of making a huge amount cash over the net. It is just a powerful tutorial that even the bum marketers would really love.

It applies the Google Sniper principles PLUS, it has an auto website installer where you can actually launch an optimize website in “2 MINUTES”. In 2 MINUTES guys… no kidding!!!


And please note, we are not talking about a simple WordPress website here. We are talking about an “HIGHLY OPTIMIZED” and readily “MONETIZED” website. All you have to do is to fill in the necessary information.

There are still lots of things inside this powerful membership site. So I guess you better check it out yourself and find more things in it.



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